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Fernie BEAR Bar - Honeycomb Fernie MOCHA Bar - coffee and milk chocolate.  The first bite tastes like warm milk chocolate, melt-in-your-mouth coffee and then tumbles into creamy lingering aftertastes.  Repeat until finished. Fernie ESPRESSO BAR - Coffee Lovers Only - seriously, only buy this ESPRESSO bar if you or your loved one loves coffee, like really really really love coffee. That's a lot of love. Or it could be for a friend who loves coffee.  That would be ok too...
Fernie BEAR Bar
Price: $8.50
Fernie MOCHA Bar
Price: $8.50
Honeycomb Toffee - Top Bar Coffee. Chocolate. Milk. Coffee.  Chocolate.  Perfection.
Fernie DARK Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie ALMOND BAR - Dark Chocolate with Almonds Fernie MILK Bar by Beanpod Artisan Chocolate
Fernie ALMOND Bar
Price: $8.50
Fernie MILK Bar
Price: $8.50
Pure Dark Chocolate
Almonds Pure Milk Chocolate
Fernie TRANSROCKIES Chocolate Bar - Dark chocolate packed full of FRUITS and NUTS Fernie NIB Bar by Beanpod Chocolate - contains freshly roasted cacao nibs Dark Beanpod Chocolate impregnated with pink Himalayan gamma Salt
Fernie NIB Bar
Price: $8.50
Fruits and Nuts Crunchy Cacao Nibs Pink Himalayan Salt
Fernie LOVE Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie MINT Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie LAVENDER Bar by Beanpod Chocolate
Fernie LOVE Bar
Price: $8.50
Fernie MINT Bar
Price: $8.50
The sensational mouth watering taste of PASSION FRUIT expertly blended with Beanpod Milk Chocolate Fresh Garden Mint Infused with Lavender
Fernie GINGERBREAD Bar by Beanpod Chocolate - Gingerbread spices in Milk Chocolate Fernie DARK MILK Bar Fernie POMEGRANATE Bar
Gingerbread Spices Plain Dark Milk Chocolate Pomegranate, Acai and Lime
Fernie RASPBERRY Bar by Beanpod Chocolate - Organic Raspberry in White Chocolate Fernie GHOSTRIDER Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie SPIRIT BEAR Bar by Beanpod Chocolate
Raspberry White Chocolate
Pure White Chocolate
Honeycomb Toffee
Fernie GRIZZLY Bar - milk chocolate with honeycomb toffee Fernie DARK MILK ALMOND Bar - 50% milk chocolate with almonds Fernie ORANGE Bar by Beanpod Chocolate
Fernie ORANGE Bar
Price: $8.50
Honeycomb Toffee
Infused with Orange
Fernie BLACK BEAR Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie CAPPUCCINO Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie MACAROON Bar - milk chocolate with toasted coconut
Honeycomb Toffee
Beanpod White Chocolate with shots of dark chocolate espresso
Toasted Coconut
Fernie SALTED MILK Bar - milk chocolate with Pink Himalayan Gamma Salt Fernie RASPBERRY ALMOND BAR - Dark Chocolate with Raspberry and Almonds Fernie MAYAN BAR - Dark Chocolate with spices
Fernie MAYAN Bar
Price: $8.50
Pink Himalayan Salt
Raspberries and Almonds
Fernie MAYAN NIB BAR - Dark Chocolate with spices and cacao nibs Fernie MAPLE Bar Fernie MAPLE PECAN Bar
Fernie MAPLE Bar
Price: $9.50
Spicy with Cacao Nibs
Pure Maple Chocolate Maple and Caramelised Pecans