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Fernie BEAR Bar - Honeycomb Fernie MOCHA Bar - coffee and milk chocolate.  The first bite tastes like warm milk chocolate, melt-in-your-mouth coffee and then tumbles into creamy lingering aftertastes.  Repeat until finished. Fernie MILK Bar by Beanpod Artisan Chocolate
Fernie BEAR Bar
Price: $8.50
Fernie MOCHA Bar
Price: $8.50
Fernie MILK Bar
Price: $8.50
Honeycomb Toffee - Top Bar Coffee. Chocolate. Milk. Pure Milk Chocolate
Fernie LOVE Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie GINGERBREAD Bar by Beanpod Chocolate - Gingerbread spices in Milk Chocolate Fernie DARK MILK Bar
Fernie LOVE Bar
Price: $8.50
The sensational mouth watering taste of PASSION FRUIT expertly blended with Beanpod Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Spices Plain Dark Milk Chocolate
Fernie GRIZZLY Bar - milk chocolate with honeycomb toffee Fernie DARK MILK ALMOND Bar - 50% milk chocolate with almonds Fernie MACAROON Bar - milk chocolate with toasted coconut
Honeycomb Toffee
Toasted Coconut
Fernie SALTED MILK Bar - milk chocolate with Pink Himalayan Gamma Salt Fernie MAPLE Bar Fernie MAPLE PECAN Bar
Fernie MAPLE Bar
Price: $9.50
Pink Himalayan Salt
Pure Maple Chocolate Maple and Caramelised Pecans