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Fernie ESPRESSO BAR - Coffee Lovers Only - seriously, only buy this ESPRESSO bar if you or your loved one loves coffee, like really really really love coffee. That's a lot of love. Or it could be for a friend who loves coffee.  That would be ok too... Fernie DARK Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie ALMOND BAR - Dark Chocolate with Almonds
Fernie ALMOND Bar
Price: $8.50
Coffee.  Chocolate.  Perfection. Pure Dark Chocolate
Fernie NIB Bar by Beanpod Chocolate - contains freshly roasted cacao nibs Dark Beanpod Chocolate impregnated with pink Himalayan gamma Salt Fernie POMEGRANATE Bar
Fernie NIB Bar
Price: $8.50
Crunchy Cacao Nibs Pink Himalayan Salt Pomegranate, Acai and Lime
Fernie ORANGE Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie BLACK BEAR Bar by Beanpod Chocolate Fernie MAYAN BAR - Dark Chocolate with spices
Fernie ORANGE Bar
Price: $8.50
Fernie MAYAN Bar
Price: $8.50
Infused with Orange
Honeycomb Toffee