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Fernie BEAR Bar - Honeycomb Fernie GNARLY Bar - full of fruits and nuts Fernie MOCHA Bar - coffee and milk chocolate.  The first bite tastes like warm milk chocolate, melt-in-your-mouth coffee and then tumbles into creamy lingering aftertastes.  Repeat until finished.
Fernie BEAR Bar
Price: $8.00
Fernie GNARLY Bar
Price: $8.00
Fernie MOCHA Bar
Price: $8.00
There is nothing quite like a Fernie BEAR Bar.  Honeycomb wrapped in Beanpod MILK Chocolate.  Sells out every week so order early and order plenty to avoid disappointment!! GNARLY...when you venture out where no one should dare to be, make sure you have your GNARLY bar with you - it's equally NUTS!!!! MOCHA Bar I love you
You keep me going all day
Coffee and cream makes me scream
And your taste will last all day!
Fernie MILK Bar by Beanpod Artisan Chocolate Fernie ITALIAN Bar - contains HAZELNUTS Fernie GINGERBREAD Bar by Beanpod Chocolate - Gingerbread spices in Milk Chocolate
Fernie MILK Bar
Price: $8.00
Fernie MILK Bar by Beanpod Artisan Chocolate Fernie ITALIAN Bar - freshly roasted whole HAZELNUTS in Beanpod MILK Chocolate GINGERBREAD and MILK CHOCOLATE - limited edition bar
Fernie DARK MILK Bar Fernie GRIZZLY Bar - milk chocolate with honeycomb toffee Fernie DARK MILK ALMOND Bar - 50% milk chocolate with almonds
DARK MILK CHOCOLATE - the perfect gift
DARK MILK CHOCOLATE with honeycomb toffee
Fernie MACAROON Bar - milk chocolate with toasted coconut Fernie SALTED MILK Bar - milk chocolate with Pink Himalayan Gamma Salt Fernie STAR Bar - milk chocolate with Star Anise and Pink Peppercorn
Fernie STAR Bar
Price: $8.00
DARK MILK CHOCOLATE with toasted coconut
DARK MILK CHOCOLATE with Pink Himalayan Gamma Salt
DARK MILK CHOCOLATE with Star Anise and Pink Peppercorn