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Fernie MOCHA Bar
Fernie MOCHA Bar - coffee and milk chocolate.  The first bite tastes like warm milk chocolate, melt-in-your-mouth coffee and then tumbles into creamy lingering aftertastes.  Repeat until finished.

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Price: $8.50

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Notes from the Chocolate Maker What's In It?
Chocolate designed for Latte and Cappuccino coffee drinkers on the go!!  It's MochoTastic!!
Legendary Bean-To-Bar Chocolate
  • The Chocolate in this bar is made exclusively from rare Ecuadorian fine flavour Nacional Cacao
  • The Coffee used is Strictly Highly Grown Arabica Tipica and Caturra grown at 1900 meters above sea level and roasted to a blend of Italian and Dark French profiles to balance taste, body and aroma.
  • Both beans are freshly roasted on-site in Historic Downtown Fernie and slowly and lovingly processed in our traditional granite melangeur, refiner and 18th century conche for 5 days to maximise mouthfeel, taste and your experience.