Beanpod Chocolate
Canada's Traditional Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker

Beanpod Chocolate is the only Bean-To-Bar company in Canada that makes chocolate the traditional way and one of only a few in the world.

We manufacture chocolate and make chocolate products from small batches of directly imported cacao beans, and are happy to sacrifice modern speed for old fashioned quality and freshness.  We adhere to the purity of traditional practices and consequently it takes and average of 5 days to make each batch of fresh chocolate.  These time intensive processes allow us to maximize flavour, develop texture and mouthfeel, and provide customers with a greater tasting experience.  

We are a true 'cacao bean to chocolate bar' manufacturer and specialize in fine flavour chocolate products.  

We believe in ethical business practices and 'shake the hands' of the farmers we buy from, on their farms.
We adhere to stringent environmental and sustainable practices.
We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
We do not compromise.  Ever.  

We are proudly located in historic downtown Fernie, nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region of British Columbia.